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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Join in the "Encuentro" this May 27/28 in Oxnard

TO: Adherentes to La Sexta Declaracion, La Otra Campana, Zapatistas
solidarity and inspired group, organizations, collectives, and

Where: CAFE ON "A"....
(438 south,"A" street, Oxnard, a 93030)

Hotels: contact for hotel information: Laura Cosio at the number
(805) 6129828 after 5
please or e-mail at
she will inform you on hotels that can be $55-120 it depends or
maybe help with assistance to all your questions regarding hotels.

Camp Site: Is open the 27th, 28th, and 29th for those who stay
another night at Oxnard if you want can check out on Monday only if
you register for camping.
Location: 7400 Pine Grove Road For more information contact
Mayo de la Rocha e-mail:
Location to camp will be at:
Santa Paula, Ca 93060
* Number of the place: (805) 933-3200
*E-mail of the place

PLEASE JOIN US IN THE: 3rd Zapatista-California Encuentro in
Oxnard, California this weekend MAY 27th and 28th
Background of the 1st and 2nd encuentro:
Prior to the Zapatista Red
alert in June of 2005, various Zapatista solidarity groups from
throughout the United States started discussing the need to organize
an horizontal network of Zapatista inspired and solidarity groups in
the United States. Many of these groups were located in Northern
California (specifically Oakland, Sacramento, and Humboldt). These
groups felt the need to increase communication with each other in
order to further local work in their areas. With the intention of
supporting each others local work, the first Encuentro occurred in
August of 2005 in Oakland, California. Various other groups who
were Zapatista inspired joined from all over the state in this
Encuentro, with many outcomes and follow ups of how to support the
EZLN and la sexta, and also how to support our local organizing work

(both Zapatista and community organizing). From this encuentro,
grew the Zapa-Califas network of Zapatista inspired and solidarity
groups from throughout California. It was decided within the
network to continue meeting at a state wide level, this time in Los
Angeles California. The Los Angeles Encuentro occurred in November
of 2005. Over 100 people attended from Southern California and
Northern California to further define the growing Zapa-Califas
network. Although these encuentros have been an important way to
know each other and our work on a state and local level. The third
encuentro was proposed as a meeting to discuss our struggles further
in order to come up with "plan of actions" that further
international solidarity with La Otra Campana and also build
alliances with communities in resistance
throughout California.
Oxnard, California has graciously agreed to coordinate this May's
encuentro with the following discussions in mind:

** PROPOSED AGENDA** This agenda is up to discussion and
participation. We hope the more discussion the more we can
strategize effective organizing tools.

FRIDAY: May 26 6pm-Somos Raza Poetry/ Mic Night where: café on A
(for those who come on Friday this would be a great experience to
connect. This would be the start on to get to know each other and
what better way to do it by having a poetry and mic night that day
so I see u

Meals will be:
SATURDAY 27th--- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Starting at 9 am sharp and ending at 6pm:
We will discuss briefly the history of the Zapa-Califas network
in relation to each other and the Zapatistas
We will then move on to discussing our local, regional, state
wide struggles and the strategies we've used
We will propose a session where we strategize and organize plans
of actions for our struggles

SUNDAY 28th----- breakfast, Lunch
Starting again at 9
We will conclude with a meeting around La Otra Campana and our
growing role within La Otra and the planned Intergalactico with an
emphasis on our present organizing against police violence and
repression in Atenco and against La Otra Campana.

The Zapatistas and La Otra Campana have asked for Social X-rays of
our struggles. These are the starting points to building stronger
ties with each other and changing the face of solidarity in our
communities, the following are themes that many who are a part of
the Zapa-Califas network wish to engage. The Encuentro will be
about our struggles and about helping each other against all forms
of repression and violence.

* La otra campana del otro lado
* Hr 4437 and the growing Immigration rights
* Immediate Action against the Repression and Violence against
La Otra Campana and the community of San Salvador Atenco in Mexico.
* The South Central Farmers Struggle against Eviction in Los
* The Anti-Gang injunction movement in Oxnard, California
* Internationalizing- our movements, Zapatismo, struggles
against neoliberalism- connecting those simililarities both aqui y
* Policing and criminalization of Youth throughout California
* Our role in La Otra Campana and La Sexta declaracion

This is some of what was proposed to the agenda and all are
Important to us now the leading team to put all this together is
Cesar, Sirena, Pablo .
Anything with the agenda goes to them now let's
start organizing any more input or want to facilitate about certain
struggle let the team know. Thanks


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