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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The situation in Atenco is reaching even more dire circumstances. Prison
officials are now separating the prisoners, sending them off to different
jails and integrating them into general populations. In addition to the
three Europeans deported, two Chileans (Mario and Valentina) were deported
as well, including a good friend of mine. Their situations are distinct,
however, from the others, who were in Mexico on tourist visas. Valentina
has been living in Mexico City for 11 years and was in the process of
completing a documentary. Mario is a student at UNAM and about to complete
his thesis. Some independent journalists from Radio Pacheco are in jail as
well; one has already been lost to general population.

Here’s a Paypal account: to help support prisoner solidarity efforts. It’s
set up by the Centro de Medios Libres where I’ve been working the past few

I also have videos I edited from footage of what occurred in Atenco. I can
mail them out to anyone who wants them in the US (I’m back). Here’s the

Here are some articles I published on global indymedia about the conflict:

thanks for the solidarity-


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