Colectivos Zapatistas de San Diego

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


To the adherents and sympathizers of the Other Campaign, feminist groups,
collectives, social organizations, the international community, workers of
the world, those from below to the left in all corners of the planet.

We the compañeras of the women's sector of the Other Campaign energetically
denounce and condemn the brutal acts and crimes of lesser humanity
perpetrated against those detained the 3rd and 4th of May, 2006 in the
municipalities of Texcoco and San Salvador Atenco by elements of the
federal, state and municipal police.

For this we manifest that on the 3rd of May, 101 people were detained, 22
of them women who suffered serious sexual aggressions, violations of their
human rights, amongst which included torture, beatings, ill-treatment of
their bodies, as well as constant psychological violence.

The day following these events, the 4th of may, 2006, the occupation of the
town of San Salvador Atenco took place through the implementation of the
military operative "tapete" (known operative used by all of the fascist
governments as a form of State-sponsored terrorism) by 4,500 police agents.
The majority of the inhabitants of the town were in their homes and only a
few of them maintained guard in a peaceful manner when the brutal attack
was unleashed by the "forces of public order", at which point the
withdrawal of the community guards that were in the plaza of the town of
Atenco began. It is here
that the first arbitrary and indiscriminate detentions of any person that
transited the site took place. Also, with the pretext of locating the
supposed kidnapped agents, the forces illegally entered the different homes
(that were pointed out by helicopters and neighboring homes) where they
looted, beat, terrorized, threatened and detained the people they found.
The result was the detention of 106 more people, amongst them women and
children; of these 106 people, 29 of them were women of different
identities, sectors of the population and nationalities; also highlighted
are the reports of rape and multiple aggressions against women inhabitants
who were not detained.

The result of these police attacks was the incarceration of 52 women whom
were treated in a brutal manner and subjected to sexual crimes. Many of
them were housewives, mothers, indigenous women, students, workers all
those from the Other Campaign and flower vendors farming inhabitants of the
municipalities of Texcoco and San Salvador Atenco.

Considering these events, we denounce:

1) The tumultuary (performed by more than one person, sometimes at the same
time, on one person) rapes of different women during the takeover of San
Salvador Atenco and during the transfer of the detainees to the prison of
Santiaguito de Almoloya.

2) The brutal beating, torture, and psychological abuse that they received.

3) The lack of medical and psychological attention, which constitutes in
yet another violation of their human rights as well as violates their
sexual, reproductive and emotional health.

4) The lack of communication that they have been subjected to since their
illegal detention up until this moment.

5) The sexual crimes committed against the women are not products of
isolated acts, but are part of the systematic training of the police in
order to repress, plant terror, and deactivate the autonomous political and
social movements, especially the women's struggle of the Other Campaign.

6) The acts, specifically those here mentioned, in which we as women are
taken as loot of war, in this case a fascist war used to plant the terror
of the State.

7) The repression in San Salvador Atenco, particularly against the women of
the Other Campaign, put to manifest the fascist character of the Mexican
government and refers to the methods used by the Pinochet in Chile, Videla
in Argentina, and the rest of the authoritarian governments that have
devastated our planet.

8) The violation and neglect by the Mexican State of the international
agreements and conventions against the discrimination, abuse and practice
of violence against women.

9) The null participation, indifference, and lack of credibility of the
governmental institutions dedicated to the defense of human rights, to
women, and to the attention of their denunciations, such as the commission

of Gender Equality of the federal and state Houses of Representatives.

10) The crimes of lesser humanity committed against the compañeras who were
incarcerated (as well as those who were not) who lived the most atrocious
experiences and damages of their lives. Although these atrocities are
impossible to repair, we CANNOT leave them unpunished.

For that which has been expressed, we emphatically demand:

1) Impeachment and political trial of the President of the Government of
Mexico, Vicente Fox Quezada; Secretary of Federal Public Security, Manuel
Medina Mora; Governor of the State of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto; Secretary
of State Government, Humberto Benitez Treviño; Head of the Greater State of
the PFP (federal preventative police), Ardelio Vargas Fosado; Commissioner
of the Agency of State Security, Wilfrido Robledo; and Municipal President
of Texcoco, Dr. Higinio Martinez Miranda.

2) The destitution, assigning of responsibilities and punishment of the
police involved in the rape and aggression against the women.

3) The veto of the Commission of Human Rights of the Organization of United
Nations of the recent naming of Mexico as one of it's founding members, as
well as sanctions derived from the violation and neglect of the agreements
and conventions against the discrimination, abuse and practice of violence
against women, signed by the Mexican government.

4) The appropriate medical and psychological attention on behalf of
professional independent teams that respond to the necessities of the
incarcerated compañeras and that guarantee their health and emotional

physical integrity.

5) The immediate end of the low-intensity war and terrorist tactics by the
Mexican State against social fighters of the Other Campaign and other
social movements.

6) The immediate stop of the violence that the State has practiced against
women in Mexico and systematically covered up, that which is translated as
tumultuary rapes, femicide throughout the height and length of the country,
feminization of poverty, incarceration, disappearances, and murders of
social fighters and human rights activists.

7) That given the severity of the rapes, they be considered a crime of
lesser humanity by the corresponding petitions.

La Otra Campaña: VA!


The women of the Other Campaign,

from below to the left, with all heart


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